Augie Chang Photography: Daphne & Jonathan Wedding in Sonoma Hills

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Daphne & Jonathan Wedding in Sonoma Hills

It takes approximately 2 hours for me to drive to Sonoma, but the drive is always a pleasant one. This time, Daphne and Jonathan rented out a private house on top of the Sonoma hills for their small intimate wedding. 35 people including me to be exact. The drive was far from easy since you have to pass through Napa, arrive in Sonoma downtown, go another 10 miles or so, then you have to head up this hill, more like mountain windy roads, then you'll find yourself at this house on top of the mountain. "That must be it" I said to myself!!

Indeed it was one of the most tremendous location I've been (or shot). It oversees the entire Sonoma valley. It was magical.

The ceremony and reception was very intimate. I felt like I was part of this family. We laughed, we talked...I even took a few minutes to hang out on the hammock with the guests! I am so glad Daphne and Jonathan decided to get married in this unique location. They had previously reserved Copia for their wedding, but later decided to change for a more personal space.

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Anonymous said...

i wasn't there so i can't attest to the mood of that day, but based on the pictures you've posted, it really looked like you captured the vibe.
intimate, meaningful, and memorable.

great job!