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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Venture - New Generation Portraits

[blogging from Asia]

When I travel, I like to see what is unique and different in each and every culture. Here in Asia, photography has always been reserved and conservative with a lot of poses directed by photographers. When couples get married, most of the couples goto a studio to take their "wedding pictures". This is very different compared to people in the US. As you all know, wedding pictures are taken during the day of the wedding and not something that is done months prior. Here in Asia, a couple have their pictures taken months in advance - different from what we are use to.

Today, I was getting off a subway train and was stopped by a representative (next to his big booth) from Venture. I have always heard of Venture. Venture is a company originated from the UK. They brought a more real and candid style of family portraits to Asia. Not only are they focus on non-posing pictures, they are also pushing the post processing style to its edge by over-saturating the pictures and blending different colors to create a more fashion-y and edgy look.

I think this style has a place here in Asia, but after interviewing a few locals, my take is that this is going to take a little more time for people to warm up to.

Here is a brochure that I picked up from the subway station. It was in my pocket for a long time, so it's all warped and wrinkled.

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Amy Tam said...

Hey Augie,

Yes...I found it different as well because people are ready to take their wedding pictures right after they purchased the package from store plus they don't really need to think of a location or the weather since most of them will be taken indoor with very nice backdrop. I think it would be same as the e-session we have in the States just that people are in their gown and tux. :P And...if you translate back to Chinese, the e-session would be easier to understand as wedding pictures...
Hope you are having a fun time there at HK.