Augie Chang Photography: Jennifer & Daylan E-Session: NYC Brooklyn Area

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Jennifer & Daylan E-Session: NYC Brooklyn Area

In the 80s, Brooklyn was considered a "so-so" area. I lived in Queens and Queens was supposed to be somewhat better in crime rates compared to Brooklyn. Today, this story has changed. Brooklyn is clean, nice and family friendly. You see kids all over the place playing. People move away from Manhattan into Brooklyn. I was shocked when I walked out of the subway station into one of the Brooklyn streets. It was beautiful and clean.

Before the shoot, I usually prep my couples with a few things that I like to do. When we were talking, I saw steps outside of apartments. These are what I called the "NYC door steps". How can I NOT take a picture of them?! Jennifer and I both thought of the Cosby Show when we saw the steps. These steps have always cried New York to me.

Classic Brooklyn Bridge


aerialsoul said...

Are you sure this is 'work'? Looks like too much fun was had on this NYC trip!! Beautiful shots. I'm sure their wedding will be fun too.

Anonymous said...

No wonder the street in front of the house looks so's Hicks Street! That's bk heights, cobble hill, boerum hill area...that 'hood was never ghetto even in the 80s. The Huxtables lived in the fictional 10 Stigwood in BK heights. Now as for Bed-Stuy where Joanie and I live...that's on a block by block basis. Ours isn't too bad. And we live in a brownstone. Woo hoo. :)

MsB said...

Oh, gosh, I just LOVE the "Italy/Paris" photo!!! NICE!!!