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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Amazae Special Events: Crystal

I met Crystal (owner of Amazae Special Events) last October at Joannie and Mark's Wedding in Redwood Shores. She is one cool and awesome girl (and hot too!!! *wink*). Needless to say, she is also a kicka** wedding consultant. We've kept in touch since and last month, Crystal and Nicole Ha invited me as part of the Una Bella Sera event. I was THRILLED to say the least.

Crystal and I met up for lunch in beautiful Palo Alto today (85 degree weather) after my morning baby shoot. It was sooo hot, so we "had to" start out with two strawberry margaritas. Once our thirst is quenched, we dove into our delicious Mexican food, I had a carne asada burrito while Crystal dined on her seabass plate. Yum!

Awesome time, awesome company. Thanks a ton Crystal!!


Jennifer Skog said...

Cute pic guys!!!!

Nicole said...

You guys look HOT! How come Jen,Maria and I were not invited. ): J/K