Augie Chang Photography: Floating rings

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Floating rings

This is one of those ideas that came to me on the day of the shoot. I usually have ideas on what I'd like to shoot, but not once do I have anything planned out.

I was at Haley and Mike's wedding, when one of the bridesmaids presented me with 5 rings. Til' today, I still can't figure out who's rings are whos?! There were so many!! :) Anyhow, Haley was REALLY interested in creative ring shots, so I remember to work my creativity at her wedding. You see many ring shots out there today on photographers blogs, magazines...etc., so how can I approach a ring shot differently? I once thought about how cool it would be to have rings "flying" in the air, but that would mean I have to throw them up in the air, try to catch a shot and hopefully something works. Unfortunately I don't think my couples will appreciate me throwing around their wedding rings. So what can I do to achieve the same effect? I thought about using glass!!! an "a-ha" moment hit me when I saw the Four Season's coffee table was made out of glass.

The table was a bit low, so I couldn't shoot directly under from the table with the lens I had on, so I asked my trusty associate photographer Jason (with a correct lens mounted on his camera), he captured this shot for us. It was a team effort. I really enjoy this picture and I hope you all will too!


Jenny Lee Photography said...

Now that is ONE awesome RING shot. You need to enter this one to a contest or something. Good job, very creative.

Choco said...

Great ring shot!

gio said...

NEAT. I didnt see this one before. :) Jason is COOL.