Augie Chang Photography: Range

Friday, May 16, 2008


I am a total YELP fan. If you have not been to by now, you are totally missing out!! I used to find new restaurants through Open Table, but I never really have luck with them because their popular list of restaurants tend to be very commercial. May and I enjoy restaurants that are a bit more "local" and a bit more casual. Yelp has been one of the best tools out there for people like me who are looking for gems around the city and are looking for something fun and casual at the same time.

This week, I found Range from YELP. It was one of the restaurants that received the most reviews. They had over 500 reviews for this one restaurant. On top of that, the reviews were amazing, so I had to take May over to the Mission area to try this out. It is located on Valencia, so parking was not extremely difficult. We parked about 1 block away from the restaurant.

As expected, service and food were amazing. We totally fell in love with the little restaurant. It is trendy, but not cold. Food was delicate but not too froo froo (you know what I mean). Just PERFECT for a date night :)

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