Augie Chang Photography: Father's Day

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

When I was young, Father's Day was just another day in the calendar. Now I have my own children, I began to see more significance to this day. Not because now I am a father and I want the day to be special for me, but it is a day that reminds me of my dad and what he has done for me. Growing up (esp teenage years), my dad and I fought a lot. I always thought he was against me. Now thinking back, how stupid and silly I was. I wish we all didn't have to go through our teenage dramatic years, but we do.

I don't have many pictures of my dad since he was not really a picture person. Below is one that I took of my parents when my first child Calvin was born. This picture is in great significance because that was the day that I became a father myself. That was the day when my world changed and that was the day that made me appreciate my dad even more.

Happy Father's Day dad, I miss you.


maddrewler said...

Happy Father's Day, bro!
Being responsible for the well-being of another human isn't always fun and games, but it certainly is the most rewarding thing we're entrusted with.

God bless!

Christine Szeto said...

Wow! The resemblance between you and your dad is uncanny! Happy Father's Day-I'm sure you have made him very proud.

Jenny Lee Photography said...

I miss dad too, esp when I see this photo.