Augie Chang Photography: 6/29/08 Intro to Digital Photography Workshop

Friday, July 04, 2008

6/29/08 Intro to Digital Photography Workshop

I woke up feeling a little tired from the day before. I had an all day wedding the day before my workshop, so I was a bit slow in the morning. After running out to buy some fresh bagel, creme cheese and muffins for my participants, I brewed myself a fresh pot of coffee. After that first sip, I was immediately awake!

This is my first 10 people workshop. I started my first workshop with only 5 participants. Because of demand, I had to increase to 8, now 10. I really think 10 is the most that I can take. When you look at the pictures below, you will see that we are almost sitting on top of each other! :)

The day went by so quick. I had such an awesome time chatting up about photography. I guess when it comes to photography, time just flies by for me.

Thanks you all for coming to my workshop and hanging out with me!

(Thank you Tammy for coming to help out and took these pictures for us)

This is the morning half, I was doing my presentation. Look at the projector and all, I am not playing around here ya know?!

After a long 2 hr presentation, we all went for lunch. Of course, topic was photography!

Minutes before we head out to do their on-location shoot.

I had such a great time with this crowd.

Starting from the left top row: Susan, Edmond, Bryan (my previous groom), Ricardo, Cissy (my awesome assistant)
Bottom row from left: Fernando (my August 08 groom), Phoung, Caroline, Me, Joanne, Gary

Now a silly one :)

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Chung T. Nguyen said...

Looking forward to seeing the photos from the on-location shoot!