Augie Chang Photography: Baby Kaiya

Monday, July 07, 2008

Baby Kaiya

Baby Kaiya was the Oh-My-God-You-Are-So-Damn-Chubby-And-Cute baby. That was a mouth full huh?! but if you are my blog follower, you know that I absolutely ADORE chubby babies. Maybe because my boys were never that chubby, well, look at their dad.

Whenever I get to work with a cute baby like Kaiya, I take extra effort to bring out their "chub" (I am saying this in a nice way). It is so important to bring out the "roll" in them to create that Michelin baby look :)

Throughout the shoot, I was telling Wendy (Kaiya's mommy) that I just wanted to take a big bite out of her chubby arms. She laughed. If a stranger tells me that he wants to take a chomp out of my daughter's arm, I would be like....ah....are you ok?

Alright, here's happy Kaiya:


Wendy said...

Thanks so much for spending the time to capture our little michelin baby. =) We had a blast and I really enjoyed watching you jump up and down to get Kaiya's attention.

GO TRAVELING "Get Up! Go Traveling!" said...

Hey Augie
OMG these baby photos are sooo cute. Awesome job well done!!

Julianne said...

oh she really is adorable! i just want to kiss her on the cheeks! hehe. what a cute name, too. :-) fantastic photos augie!

Anonymous said...

sooo cute!! these are great shots! i love how she made eye contact with you and i also really like the shot of her in the lower right corner of the frame looking down at something! cute!