Augie Chang Photography: Pampas in Palo Alto Downtown

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pampas in Palo Alto Downtown

Today, I had the honor to visit one of my couple's (Mas and Tim) beautiful Brazilian churrasco at the heart of Palo Alto downtown (on Alma St), called Pampas. The concept of this restaurant is "the authenticity of the Brazilian churrasco comes to a modern dining emporium where impromptu gatherings, romantic rendezvous, family dinners and corporate events feel at home."

I was highly impressed by the open feel of the dining room and the elegance of the dark wood furniture. What makes this restaurant great is the ginormous bar at the front of the restaurant. It yells "HEY, COME ON IN AND HAVE A DRINK!!".

Another great thing about this restaurant is the private room hidden underneath the main dining hall that sits 65-75 people. Future brides and grooms, did I hear rehearsal dinner location?!?! You will get to see this private room below.

Anyhow, enjoy the pictures here and make a reservation to this beautiful restaurant in Palo Alto. I know I will!


Coombster said...

I have to get your eye. You always find the most interesting angle.

Jay said...

Dabbling in interior design photography? =) Great images and wonderful colors! It was great meeting you in person at Ryowa today!

Kevin Suttle said...

Coombster said it best. You've have got the eye!