Augie Chang Photography: Are those "shoes" or are they "Choos"?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Are those "shoes" or are they "Choos"?

"It is all about the veil. It has to be a cathedral length like princess Diana's" - says a bride in the 80s

"I must find the perfect dress!!" - says a bride in the 90s

"So what kind of shoes should I wear at my wedding? " - says a bride in the millennium

Every decade, brides seem to find something that they are into. This is the era of wedding shoes. Yes, we all know that the bridal dress is still the most important part of the wedding, but brides are becoming more and more aware of what shoes they wear for their BIG day!

It must be the Sex In the City era that brought most of the ladies into the world of swanky shoes. Shoes no longer call "shoes". They actually have names these days. "Hey, do you mind getting my Guccis?"... or ... "oh, I think my Manolos are not as comfortable as my Choos." Wow, since when did we start personifying shoes? When did ladies start calling their shoes by their first name? Is this why we always think women have love affairs with their shoes? I find this very interesting :)

Shoes are a great accessory. It definitely makes your entire outfit look more "together". It doesn't have to be Guccis or Choos to make an outfit look great, it is all about how you put your everything together. Many of you probably know that I am a total "shoe dude". I appreciate nice shoes when I see a pair :)

OK, here is my conclusion to this...whatever your shoes may be...may it be Choos or Guccis or Crocs (maybe not this extreme!) that makes you happy on your BIG day, I am all for it!


Bellissima Vita said...

I love my crocs :)

Josephine said...

Let me introduce to you my lovelies

shoegirl said...

I couldn't agree more - it's all about the shoes. I had the shoes even before I had the dress!