Augie Chang Photography: Happy "Labor" Day

Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy "Labor" Day

Ava, Shane and I have became very good friends over the years. They were my clients a few years ago. I have pretty much documented their lives ever since their wedding day. If you remember, last time I did pictures for them, it was their "bun in the oven" pictures. Well, guess what?! Ava and Shane gave me another opportunity (and honor) to be a part of their lives. This time, photographing their son Griffin's birth on his birthday. Yesterday afternoon, I received an email coming from Ava warning me about her contractions. I didn't think much of it because I know that first borns usually take longer. Yesterday was also my 9 year wedding anniversary, so May and I planned dinner in the city. As I was driving out to the city, Shane called me on my cell to tell me that they are heading to the hospital. I was prepared and had my gear in the car already. I just had a feeling.

Shortly after dinner, I headed down to Redwood City Sequoia hospital to meet up with the couple. As I walked into the room, Ava was going through another contraction. The contraction was not strong, but it did made her uncomfortable. I pulled out my camera and began documenting the process. I was so touched that they wanted me to be a part of this. I was so honored by the opportunity. This is the ultimate photojournalism at its best. Ava and Shane opt-ed for no medication delivery, so Shane was there to mentally help Ava through the process. Shane was there every contraction, every moment. I was touched by the love that they shared. Birthing is a beautiful process, but knowing the couple as much as I do, it makes it even more wonderful.

A few hours later, doctor came in to do another check up, but the news was not ideal. Baby Griffin was turned side way (not good for delivery). At that time, I didn't think it was appropriate for me to continue the documentation, so I left them alone for the rest of the night and headed home.

I woke up to a happy email from Griffin's grandma, announcing his stats. He was born at 3:45am through c-section. Baby and mommy are doing really well, which I am glad.

Welcome to this world Griffin! I can't wait to meet you!!

As you can see, it was a very emotional and powerful process. Thank you Ava and Shane for allowing me to be a part of this special event!


Sam Hassas said...

The high grain in this make it super duper. High style Augie. Love this.

Christine Szeto said...

This is such a strong emotional set of photos. You really captured it in such a tasteful, REAL way. I am looking forward to learning from you.

Events by Evonne, LLC said...

I was wondering if Ava had Griffin yet. Glad to know that she and baby are doing well!