Augie Chang Photography: Michelle & Joey E-Session at Villa Montalvo

Friday, September 19, 2008

Michelle & Joey E-Session at Villa Montalvo

Michelle and Joey were introduced to me by Aaron whom I met at one of the many weddings that I've done. Michelle and Joey met me at my studio and we immediately felt a great connection.

Villa Montalvo is where Joey proposed to Michelle, so they wanted me to document their engagement session there. I have not been back to this place in a long long time. I didn't remember much of it, but it was breath taking.

If you want into Villa Montalvo, you would probably ask..."what is this place doing here?". That is exactly what I asked myself, so I decided to talk to one of the peeps there just to get an understanding of this location.

OK, I maybe a bit off in some of the info, but that is what I remembered.

In short, this place used to belong to the city of San Francisco, but they didn't have the money to maintain it so it was left there doing nothing. People in Saratoga got together, purchased the property from the city, then turned it into an art focused establishment. Now this location holds concerts, art galleries and also they host art students from all over the world.

I find this place very interesting because this place nestles between multi million dollar mansions. Someone (well, someone REALLY rich) can easily purchase this land, push everything down, develop it into many other multi million dollar homes. Instead, they kept it for art. How wonderful!

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Dustin and Aimee Hatcher said...

You always make awesome use of your locations! Love love love the last photo in this set!