Augie Chang Photography: jet"Blues"

Saturday, October 04, 2008


My god! Red-eye flights are killer. I used to be able to get on a flight, sleep as much as I can, then bounce right back when I get to the destination. Not in my 30s now. It is much tougher on my body as I get older. I took jetBlue from Oakland to JFK this time. Although jetBlue is roomier, it is still difficult to try to get a snooze in when the next person is breathing right next to your shoulder. These are what jetBlue gave us hoping that we'll catch a bit of ZZZZzzzz....not!

Sigh, I am totally fighting the jet lag and jet"blues"


Events by Evonne, LLC said...

Hahaha... I know what you mean... I swear I will NEVER take 2 red-eye flights back-to-back ever again. I just did that a month ago when we went on our cruise and it was a KILLER! My 30-something body just can't take it anymore! =)

Dyno said...

amazing photographs.