Augie Chang Photography: 2009 Assistant Open House

Friday, December 12, 2008

2009 Assistant Open House

It was a successful Assistant Open House last night. The group was energetic, fun and loud! Haha. I love it. Everyone stayed til 10:30pm!! Yes!! From 6pm to 10:30pm! We talked pretty much EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. Needless to say, beer and wine were flowing too.

Thank you everyone who took the time to visit my studio for this year's assistant open house. Based on the talent I saw from last night, my 2009 assistant team is going to rock!

I also invited the talented and sexy photographer Jen Skog to my open house. Everyone of course was in-awe that she was here too! Jen is a great friend and I am sure she'll work with a few of my assistants in 2009.

(thank you Kevin and Tammy for taking the pictures for me!)

My good friend Jen.


Chung Nguyen said...

That's a packed house! How many assistants are you hiring?

Dustin and Aimee Hatcher said...

Simply, it rocked! Thanks Augie for having us, we had a really good time!

Lisa said...

I love the pic of Augie frisbee tossing the plates!!!

Kim said...

Last night was awesome! Incredible people everywhere you turn. And to hang out with you and Jen?! That's heaven on earth I tell ya!
(hey I almost didn't recognize myself with the new hair, ha!)

maritessb said...

looks like fun! I see my friend Lisa!

Events by Evonne, LLC said...

Jenn was there? Awesome! Seems like you have a group of very talented individuals for you to choose from!

Jennifer Skog said...

Thanks Augie! I had a great time chatting with everyone!