Augie Chang Photography: Amazingly Cute Luke

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Amazingly Cute Luke

At 7 months or so, cute little Luke was chubby, cute and fun. Kimiko (Luke's mom) was also a great person to be around. I learned a lot about this family during the shoot. I learned that Luke was actually borned in Japan. They spent 2+ years living in Tokyo and they just came back to the U.S. this year. Luke is a multi-cultural baby, which in my opinion are the cutest babies ever!


Kim said...

love the lighting, love the hat, and of course love the chub!! amazing photos as always augie!

Chung Nguyen said...

Oh, little chubs is so cute.

Mixed babies are definitely adorable!

Beverly B. Yip said...

THESE ARE THE CUTEST PICTURES EVER OF MY LUKE!!!! Thank you, Augie! I told you he's the cutest baby ever... look @ the those rolls :) I'm sure all the Mom's all around San Francisco are going to book you for another baby session! GAP needs to hire Luke too!