Augie Chang Photography: NEW HANDS-ON WORKSHOP - Intro to Digital Photography (PART 2)

Monday, March 16, 2009

NEW HANDS-ON WORKSHOP - Intro to Digital Photography (PART 2)


Many of you are very interested in the PART 2 of my Intro to Digital Photography so I decided to go ahead and offer this.

This workshop was requested and created by most of my previous students. The goal of this Part 2 workshop is to apply everything that you've learned in Part 1 of my Intro class. This will be a HANDS-ON workshop. You will spend a few hours shooting along with me, then we will come back to my home studio to learn post processing. Take a look at what we will cover in a very high level.

PREREQ: BASIC PHOTOGRAPHY EXPERIENCE (understand aperture, shutter speed, depth of field...etc.), AKA MY INTRO TO DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY PART 1 KNOWLEDGE

On-location Shoot
- How to creatively create an image

- What do I look for when I compose a picture?
- What goes through my head when I take a photo?
- Shooting in different modes (Av, Tv, M)
- Moving vs. Stationary subject
- Demonstration of depth of field
- Shooting in different situations
- Shooting with different lens
- How to use an external flash

Post Processing discussion
- RAW editing techniques
- Editing techniques
- How to process high and low res photos
- How to make your photos "pop" online
- Demonstrating batch techniques
- How to create your own Actions

Cost $349

To sign up, all you need to do is email me back and let me know you are interested. I will send you an online credit card payment to hold your seat. A seat is confirmed only after your payment is submitted.

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