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Saturday, April 11, 2009


[Augie's thought process today as I walked through Costco]

[Augie] Hm... I wonder what new electronics they have?!

[Augie] Wow, this new Flip HD camcorder sounds cool, for $199.99, you get the Flip, a case AND a tri-pod, what a deal! Hm, should I be spending this kinda cash after a trip to Italy? nah, next time...

[ kept walking down other aisles...then suddenly stopped...]

[Augie] Ohhhh boy (staring at this new espresso machine)... an espresso right now sounds soooooo good... I think I got addicted when I was in Italy. Hm...for $99.99, I think I can do that! but...what if this is just a fun thing...nah, it should be ok. I can make espresso for May everyday... but... do I really want to spend it? ... why not?! we get to enjoy it together ... watch!, this is going to be a dust collector after a while... but it is so cool though...

Long story short, I walked out Costco $99.99 less in my pocket. See what a trip to Italy did to me?! I know I know, I am a sucka.


Christine Szeto said...

good choice! we did a side by side comp on the flip HD and the normal flip and literally, there was no difference. if anything, the normal one looked better.

cKAM Photography said...

At least Costco has a GREAT return policy!! If you get sick of expresso after a while, you can return the darn thing! LOL