Augie Chang Photography: Michelle & Joey's Wedding at Cinnabar Hills Golf Club

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Michelle & Joey's Wedding at Cinnabar Hills Golf Club

Michelle and Joey were introduced to me by my good DJ friend Aaron from Image Source. I knew immediately we would hit it off really well when they walked into my studio the day we met. I meet a lot of people in this industry and there are times that I can call out who I will get along with.

Michelle and Joey are two wonderful people. They are professional, generous and most of all fun.

When I arrived at the Cinnabar Hills Golf Club, one of the people who works there told me that the bride is getting ready inside the ladies bathroom. I was wondering to myself "why is she in there?!" Is she nervous so she is hiding out? I was puzzled... until I walked into the ladies bathroom and found out that the "getting ready" room is a back room within the bathroom. How odd huh?! I literally had to walk through the ladies bathroom, staring at the ladies while they are washing their hands, then through a bunch of stalls, then finally arrived at this "getting ready" room. The room was not big, but it was large enough for everyone to get ready. I just thought it was an interesting journey to get to bride. I can probably say this is one of the most "unique" (not sure if this word really describes it) getting ready room ever.

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