Augie Chang Photography: Behind the scene at a wedding

Monday, June 29, 2009

Behind the scene at a wedding

I find it very interesting to see what goes on "behind the scene" of a wedding shoot. This was a beautiful wedding put together by the fabulous Michelle at MB Wedding Designs. Thanks to Mauricio (Maria Chang's assistant) for snapping these photos for me to share.

Here I am trying to capture the bride and her bridesmaids toasting to her wedding day. It took about 2 seconds for the toast, so I had to be quick on my feet so I don't miss it.

I try my best to stay off to the side when the bride is getting ready. This is when I get the most creative. I work with only available light so no one is aware of what I am doing. That's how you get those awesome laughs and tears!

Here in this scene, the bridesmaids were trying to zip the bride's dress.

This is a great photo that shows how much production it went into a day of shoot. This photo also showed how a great team works closely together. Although this photo captured the back of us, it showed a lot interesting elements.

From the left, Andrew from Studio MSV was trying to capture a scene for his video. Andrew and I tag-team-ed during the shoot to ensure we both had what we wanted. Next to Andrew was my associate photographer Jason, shot candids while Andrew was working with the couple. I stood next to Jason, scoping out my next location down the alley and surveying the perfect light. To the right of me, I had Maria Chang from PMA there to make sure the bride and groom look good throughout the entire photo shoot. She fixes the bride's hair and touches up her makeup to make sure she looks her best. Then last but not least, to the right of Maria, it was my lovely assistant Veronica. She made sure I have everything that I need for a perfect photo session (lenses, camera, reflector, gear, water...etc).

There you have it! A great team makes a great day for the couple!


Amanda said...

Awesome series of shots. You guys look like a glamour team in the final shot- that bride must have felt like a celebrity considering she literally had her own entourage!

Annie said...

i can't wait to see the rest of the photos. miss you already augie! :)

Jenny Lee Photography said...

Fun behind the scenes shots.

Lisa said...

How do we know that's you and not just a stand in? JK!