Augie Chang Photography: Emily & Greg's E-Session in Healdsburg

Friday, June 12, 2009

Emily & Greg's E-Session in Healdsburg

Emily works for a retirement home in the bay area. When I received her email regarding to shooting their engagement session at a retirement home, I must admit, I was puzzled. As always, I am game for anything, so shooting at a retirement home was going to be the first for me.

Emily, Greg and I met up in Emeryville and carpooled to Healdsburg, one of Emily's company's retirement community (note I used the word community). As we pulled up to the retirement community, I thought we accidentally pulled into a country club! It is THAT nice. We were greeted by one of the head employees there at the community, then escorted throughout the property to "check out" sites. This place is UN-REAL. Not only is it nice, it has pretty much anything a teenager would want! and this place was supposed to be for seniors! They have a pool table, a theater, ping pong, Nintendo WII ... you name it, this place got it.

Emily and Greg have forever changed my thoughts about retirement communities. It was an eye opening experience for me.

Emily has always told me that Greg is not very affectionate in public. OK, if you look at these photos, can you tell that he is not?! I can't tell! He was TOTALLY into it!


aerialsoul said...

"not very affectionate in public"

It's because your sessions don't feel like being in public. The world around kinda disappears -- all of a sudden the open setting feels pretty private.

Huckleberry Karen said...

Greg looks affectionate to me...great pics Augie and I wouldn't mind retiring there, that's for sure.