Augie Chang Photography: Ruby & Erwin's E-Session in Santana Row

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Ruby & Erwin's E-Session in Santana Row

Ruby and Erwin are both from New Jersey. They were introduced to me by my sister in law Monelle. Ruby and Erwin moved to the bay area a few years back and now tying the knot out here. Most of the guests for their wedding in Napa will be flying in from New Jersey.

Ruby and Erwin live in the south bay so it made sense to shoot around their local hangouts. Santana Row is one of those places. The colors in Santana Row is amazing.

Unfortunately Santana Row has taken a more strict approach. No photographers can shoot here unless one goes through a 5-day/$100 permit process. They mentioned that this is not even a guaranteed process. They may reject your application for a permit!!

Sigh ... another location down the drain :-(


April said...

At least you were able to squeeze in a bunch of good "last shots"! S-Row has such a huge selection of great areas...such a shame! Love the pics and the color-combos BTW!

~ Miss Zabrina ~ said...

That is too bad Santana Row is requiring a permit to shoot. They are going to loose some potential clients who wants purchase a Gucci bag after their e-session :P

Great Shot btw! I Love the motocycle one!!