Augie Chang Photography: April & Joemar's E-Session in San Francisco

Thursday, July 02, 2009

April & Joemar's E-Session in San Francisco

April and Joemar are one of the most stylish couples that I've worked with.

The morning of the shoot, April and Joemar were at Maria Chang's studio in Oakley, CA for her makeup and hair trial. If you know the bay area, you should know how far Oakley is from San Francisco. Without hesitation, these two took the long trek to Oakley, then back to SF for their shoot. Maria and I usually talk after her hair and makeup trial. She usually gives me a heads up on how the couple interacts and what kind of makeup and hair she did for the bride. This is usually very beneficial to me as that will help me mentally prepare for the shoot.

When Maria told me that April and Joemar are VERY stylish, I didn't think twice since I met them months before my e-session. I knew they look great.

I waited at Hotel Vitale for the two to show up, as soon as April walked in, I was impressed by her beautiful blue dress. It was stunning! It looked elegant but trendy at the same time. Then immediately following her, was Joemar in his stylin hat and tie. At that moment, I told myself that I have to take their e-session to a completely different direction. I wanted the shoot to reflect who they are and how they were dressed. I wanted the shoot to be fun, romantic and vintage-chic (ok, this was a word that April used, so I take no credit for it).

Now I am totally psyched about your Mexico wedding in October!!

This was the result of the fun, romantic and vintage-chic shoot around San Francisco:

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Michelle Barrionuevo-Mazzini said...


You did a great job capturing April and Joemar and their style. These photos truly represent them and who they are. I am looking forward to working with you in Mexico in October for their wedding!