Augie Chang Photography: Vu & Robert's E-Session in Boston

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Vu & Robert's E-Session in Boston

This blog post is long overdue. Vu, Robert and I flew to Boston in May to capture their engagement session. Robert, a Bostonian since birth came to California a few years ago for his job in the silicon valley. They are both living here in the Bay Area, but for their engagement session, it makes sense for us to shoot at his hometown since their wedding is here in San Jose.

Vu, Robert and I met up at the airport for our red-eye flight to Boston. It was a while since we met, but it was effortless for us to enjoy each others company.

When we arrived at Boston, Robert's dad picked us up from the airport. He was a tall 6 feet something (doesn't really matter since everything over 6 ft is gy-normous to me!) guy who looks pretty much like Robert walked out of his car to greet us. I knew at that instance who he was.

We didn't shoot the same day we arrived, instead, we discussed our plan of action for the shoot on the next day. We decided to start early since the weather report says it was gonna be 95 degrees. You know it is hot when it is 95 degrees here in CA. Imagin' 95 degrees in Boston!! (with humidity and all). It was hot... I wouldn't even attempt to say warm.

We started our day at the beautiful Commonwealth Avenue (aka Comm Ave). If you don't know Boston, it is this beautiful avenue lined with wonderful trees and expensive apartments :)

When we were driving around the day before the shoot, I made a mental note about this very industrial looking alley off Comm. Ave. I told Vu and Robert to remember for us to come back. We did and here are some of the modern/urban-chic shots we did there.

Next to Comm. Ave, was the Public Garden. There were tons of people around since the day was warm (HOT). People were all over the grounds so we decided to move on to our next location, LUNCH!! :)

After lunch at the Union Oyster House, it was time to capture some fun shots around Fenway Park. Grew up in Boston, Robert as expected is a die hard Red Sox fan, and now Vu too! We were looking forward to this part of the day as we all know it would be fun and colorful. We got there, ran into the popular Sox pitcher (Sorry, I don't know his name, but I am sure Vu and Robert can help me here!), shot a few pictures of him across the street, then headed to our final location to finish off the e-session.

Thank you Vu and Robert for a wonderful time in Boston. Thanks for showing me around and sharing the many seafood feast with me! Thank you so much for your generosity, especially for being so thoughtful on the day of my flight back home! I can't believe you even bought me Dunkin Donuts holes and Iced coffee for my trip back!

I am so so blessed to have clients (now friends) like you guys and be able to share what I love to do with you two. I can't wait to see you guys again at your wedding soon!

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Betty said...

Loved that you were able to shoot in my hometown! You were lucky with the weather! It rained for half of June! Ah Boston...and my sox, gotta go back and see them soon.