Augie Chang Photography: Alyssa & Shawn's Wedding at Solage Calistoga

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Alyssa & Shawn's Wedding at Solage Calistoga

Alyssa and Shawn got married at one of the newest and nicest locations in Calistoga; Solage.

This was the first time that I shot at this beautiful location. Although it took me a while to drive up there, it was a wonderful sunny drive.

Arrived at Alyssa's room, she immediately asked if I wanted something to eat and drink after the long drive up. I asked her NOT to worry about me on her wedding day. What a nice bride! How lucky am I to have great clients like her!

Alyssa and Shawn are both VERY kick-back people. They didn't want their ceremony to be long so they decided to have everyone stand for the ceremony. I thought it was a nice and different touch. The ceremony was about 10 mins long (seriously!) and everyone went on to enjoy their evening.


Natalia said...

Awesome wedding! I love Solage, it's so clean and simple!

Dustin and Aimee Hatcher said...

Once again awesome photos Augie! You always do such a great job! :)

Kimberly Warne said...

What a GORGEOUS couple!