Augie Chang Photography: Heather & Greg's Wedding in Palo Alto, CA

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Heather & Greg's Wedding in Palo Alto, CA

Small but VERY intimate wedding is how I would describe Heather and Greg's wedding in Palo Alto. Most of their guests were flown in from the south. Heather and Greg were originally from the south but recently settled in California. They love the California sunshine so much that they decided to have their wedding out here instead of back home. All of their guests that I've met were friendly and kind. Now I know what they mean by "southern hospitality" ... love it!

This beautiful wedding was put together by these talented individuals:
Design and coordinating by Crystal Lequang with Amazae Special Events
Hair and Makeup by Maria Chang with PMA
Floral by Nicole Ha
Cake by Jen's Cake
Videography by Justin Fone Production


Christine Szeto said...

No way! I can not be the first to comment on this amazing set!! It looks like you went ALL over and had oodles of time with them. Amazing!

Amanda said...

These are awesome... and yay for video lights in the last one! :) My favorites are in the red alley-way- super fierce. :)