Augie Chang Photography: Dinner at Ana Mandara with Industry Friends

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dinner at Ana Mandara with Industry Friends

In California, peak wedding season is in the Spring to Fall. It is usually pretty slow in the winter so this is the time when all of the industry professionals take time to catch up with one another. Last night, I had a great time catching up with some of my SF and Maui (yes! the islands) friends at Ana Mandara. It has been soooo long since we had time to do this. A few beers and a few laughs later, it was time to head home. I am so glad that we were able to do this. I look forward to many more in the next few months.

Evonne from Maui came back for the holidays.

Stacie, Chung and Duncan checking out a video on an iPhone

My great friend, and mentor, Kevin

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Cindy C said...

looks like a fun time augie! the 2nd photo is funny cuz stacie and chung look like they have flame hats on.