Augie Chang Photography: Neda and Sati's E-Session in the Marina District in SF

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Neda and Sati's E-Session in the Marina District in SF

Neda and Sati both have a very upbeat personality. From the moment we met on the day of their engagement session to the very last shot that I took, these two could not stop giggling!!

We were supposed to meet in front of the Gap as a starting point. As I was approaching the Gap, I walked past a restaurant with a beautiful bar within. I looked inside (curious for no reason) and there was my couple sitting there with a drink in their hands. OK, it was only 2pm and these two are sharing a cocktail together! I knew the shoot was going to be a blast.

The shoot went VERY well. My goal of the shoot was to capture the fun side of their relationship. What a better way to portray that than to have them share two cupcakes along the sidewalk!! Below you'll see images of them having a ball while enjoying their Kara's cupcake.

Hey guys! I can't wait til your wedding at the end of this month in Beverly Hills! See you guys very soon!


Julianne said...

What a gorgeous couple and great photos as usual!

Lisa said...

I really want a cupcake!

Renee Bell said...

gorgeous couple... cant wait to see the wedding photos - saw their video and loved it!!!