Augie Chang Photography: Jenny & Randy's E-Session in Piedmont, CA

Friday, April 02, 2010

Jenny & Randy's E-Session in Piedmont, CA

Jenny and Randy both live in Davis, CA. I personally have a close tie to Davis because it is where I started my college years. Although I finished my bachelors degree at Berkeley, my early college years were spent in the quiet town of Davis. I really enjoyed my years at Davis as I developed many close relationships. One of the closest relationships that I have now is my old roommate from Davis, Fred. So close that he actually married my little sister 8 years ago!! Yes, he is my brother in law :)

Jenny and Randy wanted their e-session pictures to be photographed in Piedmont CA. Piedmont is where Jenny's family is living. Piedmont is a quiet little town that nestles within the busy city of Oakland. The large trees around Piedmont completely transported me to a deep forest of some sort. By looking at the pictures, I couldn't tell this was Piedmont!

If you don't know Davis ... here is a little tidbits. Davis is a bicycle city. I think there are more bikes than people there. Jenny and Randy brought their own props to the shoot!

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Tammy Coombs said...

The bicycle props are awesome!