Augie Chang Photography: Stanley Hong Kong

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Stanley Hong Kong

Stanley is one of those places where you can get the best deal and the worst deal at the same time. Nothing is on sale without some kind of bargaining. You see tourists and locals all mingled in this tiny market call Stanley Market. I just love to see how tourists work their magic and wiggle their ways into the cheapest deals.

Here is the end of the street. My sister and I were just playing around... :)

Come on, what is a trip with no jumping pictures?? The kid is not a stranger, he is actually my nephew. Wouldn't that be random if he was just some stranger kid around the street? haha

I was trying to jump over my little 4 year old nephew!! Whew, that was close!

OK, this is the middle of the market. I thought I break out another pose for ya!


Coombster said...

Kung Fu master, that's some good air you got. said...

Are you sure you're not relate to Michael Jordan? :-) Geez!!!