Augie Chang Photography: "Candy"

Monday, April 14, 2008


Woke up at 7am this morning to get ready for my 2 engagement shoots in NYC. The weather turned out almost perfect, a little chilly, but great overall. I had one shoot in the morning and a second one in the late afternoon. In between shoots, I was able to take some time to walk around and enjoy NYC on my own. I love to be with people, but at times, I also enjoy to be alone with Candy. I don't get to spend a lot of time with Candy alone these days. Work has been getting in the way and it has definitely put a strain in our relationship. Every relationship requires time and nurturing, I guess this is our time together. So I took advantage of today and went on a one-on-one date with my beloved Candy. Candy wanted to walk around the downtown financial district since she always loved the Wall St. area because of its energy. We sat at the steps of another building watching gracefully at the NYSE. After those tender moments, we decided to take a slow stroll over to Ground Zero. Candy almost broke out in tears when we reached Ground Zero. The once stood tall twin towers were no longer there. You actually see more sun light in and around the area because the towers are not there to block out the sunlight. The energy was slow and sad. Sadness fell on Candy and I. We held hands and took in that one moment. Reflected on the many people that died on 9/11 and all the families that suffered and still suffering. We bowed our heads and sent our positive energy to them.

Shortly after my second shoot, I spent a little more time at Brooklyn Bridge with Candy again. She wanted a few moments there to take in the city. The city was gorgeous from afar. The skyline was magnificent. The weather was wonderful. Candy and I were practically falling in love once again. We took a long walk back to Manhattan, without my engaged couple in sight, just Candy and I. We were hand in hand, gazing into each others' eyes while walking down the old wooden planks of the Brooklyn Bridge into the city.

Candy is my trusty Canon. I just call her Candy for short :)


PDiddy's Blog said...

I love the pic in the subway train. What type of lens to achieve that "look"?

piggy said...

I love my Mr.5D while you cheat on your wife with Ms Canon.

alicezinwonderland said...

the subway looks very clean! great photos! and the affair with Canon can be more juicy! Haaaha..cute!

Augie Chang, Photographer said...

PDiddy - I used a Canon 15mm Fisheye. I love that lens because you can practically focus from 2 inches away. Since the subway stations are very tight, I decided to pop that lens on.

PDiddy's Blog said...

Thanks for the info. I like how the fisheye gives that unique look.


Julianne said...

fabulous photos, augie! you were busy after our photoshoot! i love the subway photos, btw. i love how the photos are soooo colorful and sharp. i don't know if i can afford "candy", though... :-)