Augie Chang Photography: Sunny Day in New York City

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sunny Day in New York City

I landed in New York today after a 5.5 hr red-eye flight. Oh boy, it was a killer since I can never sleep well in a plane. Actually I don't think ANYONE can sleep well in a plane, so just ignore what I said before :p

I checked into my hotel early, so I had a chance to catch up a bit on my sleep. After a 2 hr nap, I was ready to go and take New York City head on. I lived in New York when I was 8-11, but I was only in Queens, not Manhattan, I had no idea what I was missing!!

I probably come back once every 2 years, but each time I come back to New York, I find more interesting things to love about this city. This city is vibrant, lively and metro. It just NEVER stops! People eat at every hour of the day, people walk all over the place, people shop until they

One of my to-dos is to meet up with my former assistant Joan. Joan now lives in NYC to pursue her dream as a photographer. Joan is a very talented journalist, so she is working her way up the chain as a famous photographer here in NYC. We had a great time wandering around the city before dinner. She used to be a waitress here in NYC, so she recommended a restaurant call Punch in Union Square. Great food with great company, what else can I ask for?

This Apple store continues to amaze me.

Thanks Joan for taking this picture for me :) I am such an Apple geek.

Joan lugged around this big a** Polaroid camera probably from the 50s (I have no idea, I just made that up). We were walking through Central Park, someone made a comment about how cool this was!

Joan used me as a "model" for her Polaroid. This is what came out of the camera. It took her literally 3 mins to focus and set up.

Thanks Joan for showing me around! See you again VERY soon!


Marie said...

Great pictures as always. Random, but I think I went to college with Joan. Did she go to CAL?

Jenny Lee Photography said...

cool polaroid camera. wow, that's one cool glass bldg for the apple store!

Augie Chang, Photographer said...

Marie - yes, Joan went to Cal. Email me, so I can hook you two back up!