Augie Chang Photography: We are "All Stars"

Saturday, April 05, 2008

We are "All Stars"

Like father like son, my two boys are both wearing Converse All Star ALL-DA-TIME. I know these are very popular and there is a good reason. They go with pretty much ANYTHING. You can be wearing jeans, they go well, you can be wearing slacks, they somehow look good, you can be wearing a pair of shorts, well...nevermind, I don't like shorts :) But overall, they are pretty comfortable and look great at the same time. My boys LOVE it!

I will be trekking in these next week in NYC. Oh, almost forgot to let you all know that I will be in NYC starting Thu. I have two engagement shoots in NYC, I can't wait to photograph throughout the city. The lights, the taxis, the chaos, the people, the energy, I am sooooo excited. Come back to see the new pictures K?

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Have a great time in NY and what a cute photo.