Augie Chang Photography: The Yoshikawas

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Yoshikawas

Three energetic Yoshikawas. Ages from 2-11. They were wonderful fun little (and not so little) guys (used this word in a non-gender form...heh). Kids are so amusing to me, they get silly, cranky, then silly again in a matter of minutes. My goal for this session is to capture the 3 children's personalities. We played, we talked, we laughed while I snapped away. It was not even "work"! I love my "job" :)

It helps to have 2 little boys of my own. My boys "train" me to interact with other kids...and most of all, more patience. The one main ingredient in photographing children is patience (yes, you all know that!) .

Posing kids generally is a no-no for me. In my opinion, it is those "in-between" moments that make great pictures. I was there for 1.5 hr and we didn't spend a minute posing. You see them playing/posing around, it was ALL THEM!!! It was all their ideas!

Thanks guys for playing with me for an hour and a half!


MsB said...

The shot of the not-so-little one touching concrete in front of the car is AWESOME!!!

Butch Garcia said...

What can we say? We loves your photographs!!! These are really great shots of the children that show them as siblings should be: delightful, loving and fun. The composition, sharpness, contrast and color saturation are just fantastic.