Augie Chang Photography: Courtney & Kit Wedding: Stanford & Sharon Heights Country Club

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Courtney & Kit Wedding: Stanford & Sharon Heights Country Club

Talk about different. Courtney and Kit had the Concord Blue Devils at their wedding. WOW! I can totally appreciate this because I was a marching snare drummer in high school for 4 years (yep, band geek!). I don't exactly know how they pull this off, but it was so awesome! Seeing the Blue Devils in action really added to the overall feel of the wedding (at least for me). The excitement and energy this group added was tremendous.

Courtney and Kit are genuinely nice people. They made us feel very comfortable at their wedding. Thanks guys for treating us so well. We had a great time shooting for you two.

Vendors for the night:

Joel Cook 415-563-3348

Amy Burke Designs
650-515-9188 cell

BethAnn Goldberg 650-575-5700

Nolan Glasser 707-477-8013

Patrick Martin 415-721-7575


Anonymous said...

Nice ring shot.
I'm going to steal that idea... er... "get inspired" by that idea.


Coombster said...

Courtney and Kit were the BEST!! They were super sweet!

Chas said...

Beautiful wedding, amazing people, wish you the best!

Robert said...

Congrats Kit! Looks like as usual you are a lucky guy to snag beautiful Courtney! Hope you still have the Mustang and can have fun motoring the Bay Area together.
Bob Beck