Augie Chang Photography: I Dream of Cake

Friday, May 23, 2008

I Dream of Cake

My my my, who doesn't like desserts??!?! right?? Who doesn't like beautiful looking desserts? That is exactly what Shinmin does at I Dream of Cake. Her cakes are not simply cakes, they are actually edible art. If you look at her web site, you can see that all of her work is unique and different. If you can DREAM of it, she can MAKE it into a cake. I have been in the industry for 9 years now and I've seen my share of wedding cakes. Many are beautiful, but Shinmin's cakes are GORGEOUS and different. That is what sets her apart from everyone else.

First time I heard of Shinmin was from the Food Network where they interviewed her about her business philosophy. Then the other day, I saw a post on my buddy Justin Fone's blog about her again. I am so glad that I finally have met this talented baker/artist.

Shinmin is also a great girl to hang out with!!

Thanks Shinmin for giving me a full box of cake samples...yum! I love the banana flavor the most!

This picture was taken in the evening at the Muse Studio open house (will be blogged tomorrow). Well, here she is, the talented Shinmin from I Dream of Cake.


Jennifer Skog said...

G - that second cake is like my DREAM cake. Awesome cakes....

Bellissima Vita said...

I Dream of Cake did my wedding cake. Best cake I ever had.