Augie Chang Photography: Linda & Calvin E-Session: SOAKED

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Linda & Calvin E-Session: SOAKED

Linda emailed me approximately one month ago and asked if I can help them do something that is different for their engagement pictures. They have yet to get married, but I am not available on their wedding date, so they decided to have an e-session with me instead. Linda wanted to do something extreme and suggested shooting with her dress on in water. I was shocked at first because I thought this was going to be her wedding dress, but later I found out that she actually has another dress that is for her wedding in Sept.

Linda and Calvin lived in Alameda for many years, so we headed back there for old memory sake. Also, there are little lagoons all over where they can literally soak themselves in there. The pictures were romantic, extreme and most of all, a ton of fun!!

This is before we found a perfect lagoon to shoot at. Calvin tried to walk through a pile of mud just to get the "perfect" pictures. Obviously, this was NOT the "perfect" spot.


aerialsoul said...

Absolutely Amazing!! This is the most unique set of e-shoots I've seen.

Chung Li said...

Very cool , Man ! Love it !

Ellis said...

Trashing the dress....awesome.

getcaptureddotcom said...

Very cool, I love it!! Super playful, creative and unique.
Hey, did you copy this idea from my website???
Augie, you Rule.

Cat said...

Hello, I searched up the couple's names and found your pictures. The pictures were BEAUTIFUL and I thought they were amazing when I saw them at the wedding. :)