Augie Chang Photography: Karen & Calvin E-Session - Presidio, SF

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Karen & Calvin E-Session - Presidio, SF

Karen and Calvin are good friends of Mike and Haley. The day of their engagement shoot was gloomy and windy. We can barely see the Golden Gate bridge. That is pretty normal for SF weather. It could be sunny in the morning, then BAM, windy and foggy in the afternoon. We couldn't really shoot at their primary location, which is the Fort Point, but we were able to find another location that is fairly similar with brick walls as background. Karen likes the brick look so we stopped at the Presidio area for the shoot.

If you've been to the Presidio, you are probably familiar with this area. This "boardwalk" is closed to the public...but knowing me :) (devil horns coming out), I "didn't see" the sign and walked into the boardwalk for the shoot. Of course, 10 mins later, someone came by and said, "sir, did you see the sign that says do not enter?" ... my response, knowing there is no way I can lie, I said "oh yeah, but I couldn't resist because it is so beautiful here for my school project". I guess I still look young enough to be in school. She was immediately ok (after hearing that it is a school project) with me. She told me to finish up and go. OK, ok, I know I am bad, but it is a white lie. Not like we are damaging anything there!! ;)

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Anonymous said...

great shots!! i looove the last one!