Augie Chang Photography: Photographer Dinner

Friday, June 27, 2008

Photographer Dinner

Gene called a bunch of us out for dinner this evening in San Francisco at Americano Restaurant. Great atmosphere, love the outdoor patio area facing the Embarcadero. Reason for the dinner is because Becker and Jessica Claire were in town for a shoot so he wanted a few of us to get together and have a great time.

Gene and Justin chilling near the windows

Michelle and I just ham-ming it up.

Me, Michelle Walker, John Griffin, Becker

Here are all the photographers, well, and a videographer (who wants to be a photographer - haha, I am totally kidding). Clockwise - Michelle Walker, Me, Becker, Jessica Claire, Anna Kuperberg, Ann Hamilton, Justin Fone.

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Michelle Walker said...

My goodness - what a motley crew!