Augie Chang Photography: Karin & Mallen Wedding - Ruby Hill Country Club, Pleasanton

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Karin & Mallen Wedding - Ruby Hill Country Club, Pleasanton

It was a perfect Sunday for a wedding. The day before was gloomy and rainy. Lucky couple Karin and Mallen had a beautiful wedding out in Ruby Hill Country Club. I always enjoy shooting in this location because the venue is not overly big yet not so small that you can't fit anyone in there.

I usually get to know the family pretty well by the end of the night. This time, I felt like I already know the bride's family immediately (esp the bride's mom)! why? well, here is the story...

At Ruby Hill's bridal room, I was chatting up with Karin's mom. She mentioned how lucky I am to do what I love (I am blessed :)!! ). Within the same breath, she asked how old I was and told me immediately that I look like a teenager. I was stunned. How can I look like a teenager? At least 21 right? haha. Everyone cracked up in the room *grin*. That was how it went down. I guess I was born with a "baby face" so people can't tell how old I am. Let's just say, I am not as young as you may think *wink*

Vendors that I had the honor to work with:

String Trio
An Elegant Touch of Strings
Sherry Lewis (925) 625-4363

Christopher Debol
Christopher Debol (415) 531-2236

Janice Navarette
Janice Navarette (925) 209-3969

Chair Covers and Table Overlay
La Jardin
Ted Pierce (650) 670-2796

Lumitone Productions
Alex Tomek (925) 522-1412

Primrose Bakery
Fiona (925) 249-1261

Lion Dancing
West Coast Lion
Tony Shiu (650) 994-6823


Nicole said...

Great work as always.

Julianne said...

This set of photos left me breathless... Man, I love weddings!!! And well, I'm getting really excited. Your photos tell such a great story Augie! Can't wait for mine!!