Augie Chang Photography: Tracie & Quy - Honolulu - Oahu Country Club

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Tracie & Quy - Honolulu - Oahu Country Club

It was rainy and hot for a few days. Today, I woke up to a sunny, cooler (all relative) day. Tracie and Quy are getting married at the Oahu Country Club. A very quiet country club nestled in the mountains of Oahu. Not far from Waikiki area, approximately 15 mins drive. The drive was beautiful, very different compared to California. Both sides of the road were lush and green, which is VERY different from the Bay Area.

Tracie and Quy, happy honeymoon in Tahiti!!

When I arrived at the country club, I was greeted by this view. It reminded me of LOST. Where's Jack?? Hurley?? anyone??

Everywhere you turn, it is lush and green. Oh how I love the scenery and the sun flare.

The sun was shining down on all of us (you should see how I was sweating), but the minute after the ceremony completed, the sun was hidden behind the beautiful mountains of Oahu and we were all enjoying the nice shade.

I love this shot. The sky was amazing. It was lit up by the moon.


Anonymous said...

nice parting shot!

Nicole said...

Love the last photo and what an intimate wedding.

Christine Szeto said...

Hey-there's Lily! Wow--you're doing destination weddings--you're big time! :)