Augie Chang Photography: My experience in Honolulu

Sunday, June 08, 2008

My experience in Honolulu

So I am finally here in sunny Honolulu . Settled down immediately, then hit the pool for the afternoon. Every time I am back, I ask myself, why don't I come back more often??

Our hotel in the middle of Waikiki - Sheraton Princess. Not the best, but hey, at least it is a Sheraton :)

Beautiful weather at Waikiki beach

My feet were killing me from my old flat slippers. I had to buy myself a new pair, much better.

OK, I see a LOT of tourist here (esp Japanese) that have NICE NICE cameras. I took a picture of this guy who came with his entire set of gear. Look at him! He looks like he is ready to go for a shoot at the World Series!!! When I travel, I travel with one camera and one lens...that is it...but that is me. I am a total minimalist.

Haha...I laugh every time I look at this picture. This dude, was just strolling all by himself with his shirt off. To me, he was not shopping, he was clearly showing off his muscles.

Here is a picture of the ABC empire. Who can escape the ABC stores here? They are worst than Starbucks! They are literally ALL OVER the place.


Jessie said...

Haha- gotta love those checkered shorts! You'd think that someone who obviously cares about his appearance would have better taste in clothing.

cKAM Photography said...

Well hey augie....the muscle man caught your attention!! much that you had to take a picture of him :)


Coombster said...

If I have muscle like that, I'll be showing them off too :P I bet you won't mine if it was a hot chick!

Nicole said...

I know what you can get for all the ladies this Christmas. Enlarge that photo! (: