Augie Chang Photography: Monya & Russ E-Session - Chinatown SF

Friday, June 20, 2008

Monya & Russ E-Session - Chinatown SF

Are you crazy? Have you gone mad?! - that is what my wife said to me when I told her that I am shooting in Chinatown today. Heck, I've shot pretty much everywhere in the city, so why not Chinatown right? I found great colors and locations within Chinatown. It was Monya and Russ' idea to shoot there. They love San Francisco Chinatown. These guys are from the LA area, so they find our Chinatown more "home-y" compared to theirs.

Today was the first time I met Monya and Russ. We met up in front of Hilton on Kearney St. Like Monya said, "I feel like I already know you! (from my blog)." Me too! She was so cool! Smiley too!! Russ, of course a gentleman.

Tons of people in Chinatown, pushing and shoving. That's Chinatown for ya! Monya managed to pick up a shrimp (or two) for the photos.

Great time guys! Thanks for the Chinatown idea! :)


cKAM Photography said...

My husband was working across from the Transamerica building yesterday and said he walked just by you, then realized it was AUGIE CHANG!! Your post just confirmed his Augie sighting! haha

alicezinwonderland said...

Did you have to get down on the nasty chinatown ground to shoot the 3rd ene?! door entrace + chinese flyers on the wall = classic chinatown scense. I love it!

Beverly B. Yip said...

I love Chinatown! all of it..100%, the people (hi po-po, my chinese school, my elementary school, my favorite hole in the wall restaurants :) thanks for taking me back in the days ~ doh jea!

Lipgloss Lovah said...

WOW! We are sitting here at the airport getting ready to head back to L.A. & to our surprise we are leaving S.F. with our pictures already!!! They are AWESOME!!! We love them so much. They are exactly what we wanted! We have already alerted our families & all of them are loving them as well. You even brought a tear to my fathers eye. :-) We cannot WAIT till our wedding pictures. You have such an amazing talent. We couldn't be happier that we booked you. Thanks again, we had such a blast doing them, even in the crazy heat :-)

Monya & Russ

jennifer said...

it looks like a fun session and very colorful. i love the guy walking by the bus stop picture.