Augie Chang Photography: Sophie

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


This family lives up at the beautiful Marin County. I have always wanted to move to the Marin area. The outdoor life and the view around the area is magnificent. I arrived at their house and a smiley 2 year old greeted me with "how are you feeling today?". Christina (Sophie's mom) told me that is how she greets everyone...cute huh?!

She was all smiles. In the middle of the shoot, Christina told me that Sophie has a temperature of 101. I could not tell. Sophie was so corporative and always smiling at me. I guess it helps that I do silly and funny things around kids. The pictures turned out GREAT. I am so happy with them.

After I sent the slideshow over to Christina, below is what she wrote me... this is why I love what I do...sigh...I am so blessed :)

"Oh, Augie….they’re BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! I burst into tears with the first photo! I can’t believe how incredibly beautiful Sophie looks. We are more than pleased! And trust us, you’ll be seeing us again…we fully intend to have you come back once the baby boy arrives."

I put together a cute little slideshow for them, click below to see!


Dennis Bullock said...

Love that shot against the shingled wall!

Susanne said...

Aw... she's such a beautiful girl and I love her curls and smile. Everything is beautiful through your lens. :-)