Augie Chang Photography: Jenie & Frank E-Session: De Young & Jap. Tea Garden

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Jenie & Frank E-Session: De Young & Jap. Tea Garden

All I can think of is laughing through this shoot. Frank is such a funny guy. We hit it off REALLY well. I hope he doesn't think I was making fun of him too much! sorry Frank! You know I love ya (in a friendly manner of course!!)!!

Yes, I do shoot at De Young and Japanese Tea Garden quite often, but each time is different because the people that I am with are all different. What I do each time is try to find areas, angles that fit the couple. Not all angles are the same. That is when creativity comes into play.

For these guys, I tried to find a more fun angle for them. They are just a bundle of laughters.


Nicole said...

Love the vibrant colors in these photos.

Jenie said...

Hi Augie! We had such a great time at our shoot with you and were so happy with the pictures on the online preview. We LOVE the ones with Kiya! It's always so hard for us to take good pictures of her--she's such an active dog!

We were curious as to which shots you were going to post...We're still trying to figure out our favorites! Thanks so much! Can't wait for the wedding!

P.S. You can love on Frank as much as you want! =)