Augie Chang Photography: Camille & Steve - E-session in San Francisco

Monday, July 21, 2008

Camille & Steve - E-session in San Francisco

Camille and Steve are good friends of my previous bride and groom - Christine and Dan. Before we met, Camille and I spoke a few times over the phone and I felt the immediate connection with her. Maybe because we both have a comment thread, which is Christine and Dan. Regardless, she is one cool girl to talk to.

Their wedding is going to be in the beautiful Bahamas so these are their only pictures from the Bay Area. I can't tell you how much I would LOVE to be in Bahamas with them! Not only is the location is gorgeous, this is one fun and happy couple.

On the day of the shoot, Camille and Steve showed up knowing exactly what they wanted from this shoot. They even went around looking for locations that they want. Wow, P-R-E-P-A-R-E-D.

Good luck at your wedding in the Bahamas!

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