Augie Chang Photography: Julianne & Duane Wedding - Palmdale Estates, Fremont

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Julianne & Duane Wedding - Palmdale Estates, Fremont

I met Julianne probably over 10 years ago. She is very good friends with my high school close friend Therese. Julianne has always told me that whenever she gets married, she will have me as her photographer. Well, she kept her words. She called me the week of her engagement, and booked me as her wedding photographer. Julianne has wonderful taste, so everything came together nicely on the day of their big day.


Julianne said...

Hi Augie!! Seeing these photos (and the sneak peek slideshow that you sent us) bring me right back to 08.08.08. You captured the moments so perfectly. Everything seemed like such a blur but these photos bring me RIGHT back to our wedding day. And these photos make me so happy and put a smile on my face! Thank you Augie. I can't wait to see the rest!

Heather said...

Beautiful as always, Augie. It was nice to meet you at the wedding, by the way! :)

stella said...

The wedding I'm planning is being held there today! I absolutely love your perspective. Thanks for posting!