Augie Chang Photography: Kathy & Fernando E-Session at UC Berkeley, Berkeley

Monday, August 04, 2008

Kathy & Fernando E-Session at UC Berkeley, Berkeley

Nice and shy was how these two were when we first started our e-session. I promised Kathy by the end of the shoot, she will be totally comfortable...and I am guessing that I was right. Most "normal" people feel tense or even uncomfortable having a big camera lens pointing at them, but with a few jokes and a few laughs, everyone gets comfortable one way or another in front of my camera. Based on these few shots below, there's no way you can tell Kathy and Fernando were even anywhere close to being shy :-p

Going back to UC Berkeley was so much fun. I graduated there in ...ah....(nevermind, I am not going to show my age)... somewhere between 1990 to 2008...heh. Seeing the students reminded me of myself. It brought back lots of great memories until I thought about the finals, then every urge to go back to school went straight out the window :)

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