Augie Chang Photography: Jubilee Lau Events

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Jubilee Lau Events

Jubilee from Jubilee Lau Events and I met at the Le Papillon event back in May 2008. I have always heard of her and her company but never had a chance to meet up. About a month or so back, Jubilee and I decided to meet up for lunch and possibly do some business together. We both love sushi, so we met up at San Mateo's sushi Sam restaurant. We had exotic sushi (baby lobster, butterfish and some sushi with saffron on top!!) and we were talking up a storm!! ... we talked just about EVERYTHING... from having kids to our philosophy with our business to how we get into the field. I felt like I've known Jubilee for years! I really hope to work with her in the future and if you are looking for a great coordinator, give Jubilee a call!!

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Events by Evonne, LLC said...

Hmmm... yummy sushi, and great "self-portrait"! I can never take my own photo... part of my head always gets cut off! =)