Augie Chang Photography: Lunch with the Kim sisters

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Lunch with the Kim sisters

I met Kelly and Susan at Kelly's wedding last July. Susan was a student at my 6/29/08 workshop, so we were able to talk and get to know each other more. I ran into Kelly at Karen and Calvin's wedding last month. That night, all we talked about was Korean food. Korean food is one of my favorite. I can eat that all year long if I have to. Kelly (who is Korean herself) and I agreed that we should meet up and have a Korean feast. This is what we did today in Santa Clara. Kelly, Susan and I met up at the Choi's Kitchen on El Camino (and Lawrence Exp) for a nice meal. Whew, I was stuffed. When we were done, I reached in to my bag for my wallet, but I was such a dummy that I left my wallet at home. So embarassing!! Susan was kind enough to pay for all of us. Thanks Susan! I promise it is going to be my turn next :)


Grace said...

I love Choi's Kitchen! You're absolutely right when you say you walk out of there stuffed... everything is so delicious that you can't seem to stop eating! It's borderline dangerous... but this brings me to a new thought... have you ever thought of doing food photography? Just think... you'd get to eat and take pictures! It's a win-win situation!

Nicole said...

Yeah Augie. I'll volunteer to be your assistant. Will work for food. lol